About Lovers Grove

Lovers Grove

Lovers Grove is a spiritual community dedicated to helping people bring the magic of love, compassion, sexuality, intimacy and openness to their paths as they grow as lovers. We will work to share these journeys of growth with the world. By watching and connecting with others as they take their journey we can learn that we are unique but not alone.
Love and the skills of the lover can be learned and practiced. Our lovers are ready to work with those who would like to grow as lovers. We can work to understand the needs of those we work with and build an experience that is a positive, connected experience for everyone involved. Together, we can work to overcome fear and shame. We can build a world where love, compassion and sexuality are things we approach with joy.

Our Community Mission

A great part of our spiritual practice is working to build the world of love in which we would like to live. We reach out to our community, so that together we can grow as lovers.

How it Works

We create a space where people like you can share their needs and desires? about how they'd like to grow as lovers. We call these lovers potential clients. An example of desired growth might be a desire to be more comfortable saying "no," and talking honestly about what you want. Desires often relate to sexual experiences or intimacy. Our Lovers work to find matches where we can work with clients to realize their desires. We hope that everyone involved will grow as lovers.
We'd like to create a world in which we're all more about this sort of growth, more aware of what growth is possible and can gain comfort in facing our fears from seeing the growth of others. So, we record the work our clients and lovers do together and share these videos openly as stories of growth.
Our Messengers work to help explain this work and to present these videos as the wonderful stories of growth that they are.


This work with the community and our clients is a way that we can do the valuable spiritual work of creating a world that is more open to love. We'd be delighted to find people who also view this work as spiritual. However, that is not a requirement for working with us. If you are interested in growing and you can respect our spirituality then we look forward to working with you.

From our Founders

To get a deeper understanding of what Lovers Grove is about, we share blog posts written by our founders as they explore what the project means to them.