Grove Lovers

Our lovers are people interested in helping clients grow as lovers. Through this work, they grow as lovers themselves. Working together, our lovers and clients gain skil as lovers, gain confidence in connection, and share their own personal stories of growth with the world. Our lovers are experienced in treating love and connection with joy, helping approach them as an art that can be learned and studied. We realize that from the first moment of admitting that you want to grow as a lover, the journey requires vulnerability and openness. It's hard work, and our lovers are ready to help with reassurance and support.

Grove Lovers

Grove lovers work wit us on an ongoing basis and are an essential part of our organization. They are dedicated to the grove's mission and bring many years of skill to their tasks.
Our current grove lovers are also sacred lovers and join Lovers Grove in its spiritual work


We also work with volunteers who join us on a less permanent basis to offer their experience as lovers. Volunteers may help as lovers when they have time, or in working with clients where their particular experience is valuable.

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