Office of the Sacred Messenger of the Grove

The office of the Sacred Messenger of the Grove


  • We will share what Lovers Grove learns of love and the message of the Grove as openly and as accessibly as we can.
  • We will be as open as we think wise in our practices and acts. When it is at least equally as good to communicate openly as not, we will be open.
  • We will encourage others to communicate openly about the work of Lovers Grove, even if they disagree with us.
  • We will offer tools for communication, both in ways to communicate well and in readily accessible media through which to communicate.
  • We will continue to grow in communication, to learn more of it and to impart what we learn to others.
  • We honor open communication and work to overcome the fear and shame of being open.


  • We offer ourselves with strength and respect.
  • We offer ourselves to many, not just those who are close to us and comfortable.
  • We will meet our fellow communicants and ourselves in the strength of love and our mutual needs, promoting empathy and understanding even when there is disagreement.
  • We will learn, teach, and practice communication.


  • Words
  • Acts
  • Media
  • Individual communications strategies (NVC, etc.)