Sam's Vow as Sacred Messenger

I will uphold the Office of the Sacred Messenger of the Grove. For me being a sacred messenger is most about living by example. I will set an example of the empathy and openness that office embodies. I will show and explain my work as a lover but also the other work in the grove. I will engage and through respect and empathy build understanding. I hope that by listening to this open message, people will see that open empathy and love can work. However, the work will stand on its own.
My blogs, my personal contact, and simply living my life are my media today. I will strive to broaden my media and better distribute the message of the grove.
I commit to agreeing and disagreeing with ideas not people. We all have points in common, but on any complex topic there is almost certainly disagreement.
i offer respect and empathy. I value myself enough to need the same.
These things I vow while I hold the office.
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