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hartmans Sunday February 8, 2015
It has been a number of weeks since I've written, and unfortunately, I don't have anything ready for a public blog post at this time. So, I decided to briefly describe what has been going on.
First, I spent much of that time sick. Going to work and taking care of my basic needs took up much of my mental energy. I didn't have time for the kind of writing I've been doing here.
Lately though I have been working on revising some of the essays on the wiki here. I've written a lot over the years, and some of it has been interesting to go back and revisit. I find that I have much better clarity around these ideas. I look forward to sharing pointers to this work when it is done.
I've been working on an exciting Venus project with a friend. I'm really excited by it, but it's not at a stage where I can discuss it yet. I'm really looking forward to sharing my thoughts some day whether we can manifest this or not.
Finally, I have been planning a blog entry on three experiences I had back in December related to BDSM. I think through these experiences I can help give an idea of one of the things BDSM can be about, one that particularly strikes close to my spirit. I still need to write that up, and I'll need to get comments from others who were involved before I can release the entry.
So, not as much as I'd like to share now, but lots going on in the background!

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