Beltane 2014 Temple of Love

Workshop Description

You are loved; you love; you love! However, all-too-often, we feel self-conscious. We do not feel fully empowered to open to our nature as love.

Through meditation and ritual, we will build a temple of love within ourselves, open it and proudly rejoice in its beauty. We start from the foundation of love of self as a basis from which to meet others with strength, confidence and openness. This basis can serve as the foundation for building connection with a new sex-magic partner. However, we will discuss various aspects of the temple of love you could focus on; sexual connection is only one option. You choose the level of connection and intensity that is right for you. You are welcome alone or with a supporting partner.

We will start with a brief discussion of what we're going to do and how to use this ritual as a tool in the future. Then, we will create space and move through the ritual and meditation. You can share the love you find within yourself with a partner or openly with the group if you desire. You can share your internal journey through hugs, a statement, masturbation or sexual exploration with a partner, among other options. We will create a supportive, accepting space.

Please arrive within the first few minutes of the class. Bringing a blanket to lie on is advised.

Relation to Venus Work

This workshop borrows from and extends work done in the Venus community and work done at Fires of Venus. However the workshop presented Beltane at 2014 is not a Venus ritual. You will be given an opportunity to call goddesses, gods and spirits that will assist you in building your temple of love into the space. Venus is welcome as all are the spirits that participants ask to assist them in their journey.


The workshop was divided into two parts. There was a class that described the ritual and provided tools for approaching the ritual, followed by the ritual itself. Feel free to sign up for a free account to access the materials and join the discussion.

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